Canada geese bag limits increase; migratory bird hunting seasons announced

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Hunters can now take more Canada geese as a result of a recent increase in bag limits.

The daily bag limit for dark geese (Canada geese, white-fronted geese, and brant) is now five in aggregate for the entire season. This means that hunters can harvest any combination of the three species as long as the total does not exceed five. Previously, a daily bag limit of dark geese could only include up to three Canada geese, except during September. The daily bag limit for light geese (snow and Ross’s geese) remains 20.

“Canada goose populations in the Mississippi Flyway are doing very well,” said Adam Phelps, DNR’s waterfowl biologist. “We remain above our population goal for this species, so additional hunting opportunities make sense. We will continue to monitor populations and harvest to ensure that hunting remains sustainable.”

There are no changes in other migratory bird bag limits from 2020-21, including for ducks. This includes the scaup daily bag limit, which is one scaup during the first 15 days of the season and two for the remainder of the season.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources also released dates for the 2021-22 migratory bird seasons. These include season dates for mourning doves, waterfowl (ducks, coots, mergansers, and geese), woodcock, snipe, and sora rails.

Season dates and migratory bird hunting regulations are available at

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