Otter trapping season reaches quota, closes early

SOURCE: News release from Indiana Department of Natural Resources

DNR has closed the river otter trapping season after reaching its statewide quota.

The season was scheduled to run from Nov. 15 – March 15, or until the quota of 600 river otters was reached.

The framework of Indiana’s river otter season was carefully designed to limit the total harvest. Databases and reporting mechanisms allow for close monitoring of the total season harvest.

In addition to the quota, DNR regulations require that successful trappers register their otter within 24 hours. Regulations also require tagging of each pelt at a river otter check station or by authorized DNR personnel.

“Licensed trappers had a successful 2020–21 limited river otter trapping season,” said Geriann Albers, furbearer biologist with the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife. “While the season has closed, DNR is continuing to collect data from legally trapped river otter to help guide future management decisions.”

More information about the river otter trapping season can be found at Learn more about river otters:

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