Pre-K spots open for eligible 4-year-olds

SOURCE: News release from State Representative Ethan Manning

STATEHOUSE – Spots remain open for eligible Hoosier families to enroll 4-year-olds in On My Way Pre-K, according to State Rep. Ethan Manning (R-Denver).

As Indiana’s early childhood education program, On My Way Pre-K provides grants to 4-year-olds from low-income families to attend pre-K. Manning said high-quality programs like On My Way Pre-K can help close achievement gaps often seen in students who do not begin school with an early learning opportunity.    

“Students without access to early education programs like pre-K can enter school developmentally behind their peers and struggle to catch up,” Manning said. “This problem can significantly impact children from low-income families. Getting more kids into quality, effective pre-K programs can help them overcome this gap and have a better opportunity to succeed in the future.”

To enroll, Manning said a child must be 4 years old as of Aug. 1, 2020, and starting kindergarten in the 2021-2022 school year. Eligible families have incomes below 127 percent of the federal poverty level, with one parent or guardian working, going to school or attending job training. Manning said while spots are still available, space is limited, so families should apply now.

According to Manning, early education providers across the state are following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health and safety guidelines to protect students. He said facilities are implementing new drop-off and pick-up procedures, sanitizing and cleaning desks and classrooms, practicing social distancing, conducting health screenings, and enforcing fever- and symptom-free policies.   

On My Way Pre-K launched in 2015 in five pilot counties and is now available statewide.

Manning said Hoosiers should visit or call 800-299-1627 for more information and to apply.

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