Donato: Bills to address broadband grant funding and teacher training requirements pass Senate

STATEHOUSE — Bills authored by State Sen. Stacey Donato (R-Logansport) that would address broadband development and teacher training requirements unanimously passed the Senate today.

Senate Bill 177 would charge the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs with administrating the Broadband Ready Grant Program.

“In 2019, the General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act 460, which established the Rural Broadband Fund, designed to improve Hoosiers’ access to high-speed internet,” Donato said. “As technology continues to advance, it is vital our communities evolve at the same rate. Honoring the work accomplished in 2019, SB 177 would move the state another step forward in ensuring all Hoosiers have access to reliable, high-speed internet.”

Senate Bill 266 would require the Indiana Department of Education to evaluate state teacher training requirements and report their recommendations for streamlining, combining and reducing teacher training requirements to the Indiana General Assembly.

“It is important for the General Assembly to understand the obstacles, big or small, educators must go through to ensure they are proficient in their field and are equipped to handle the many stressors their job entails,” Donato said. “My hope is that SB 266 will ultimately help streamline teacher training requirements, while ensuring that our educators have the skillsets they need to excel in the classroom.”

SBs 177 and 266 will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

To learn more about SB 177, click here.

To learn more about SB 266, click here.

SOURCE: News release from the Office of State Senator Stacey Donato