Secretary of State Connie Lawson kicks off Financial Literacy Month

INDIANAPOLIS — April is Financial Literacy Month, and Secretary of State Connie Lawson is kicking things off by celebrating the one year anniversary of Indiana’s unique financial literacy curriculum. In early 2017, Secretary Lawson launched the Indiana Moneywise Financial Education Program pilot in six Indiana Counties.

The program was announced at Riley High School in South Bend, and introduced an online interactive curriculum that simplifies complex financial principles and allows high school students to engage through videos, simulations, and social networking. In late 2017, the program was expanded to allow all Indiana schools to participate at no cost to the schools.

Since launching, the Indiana Moneywise Financial Education Program has been very impactful for many young Hoosiers. 81 schools in 24 counties have benefited from these educational resources with over 6,500 students enrolling in the curriculum. Students who completed the curriculum increased their scores on financial literacy assessments by an average of 70%.

“Financial education is a crucial skill for future success no matter your career path,” said Secretary Lawson. “95% of parents agree that students should learn about personal finance in school, but only 5 out of 10 parents feel prepared to talk about money with their children. Through the Moneywise Financial Education Program, we are able to provide a great resource to support families and give their kids the knowledge they need to succeed. These foundational skills equip not only students, but their families and communities as well.”

The partnership is made possible by leading education technology company, EVERFI. Topics in the curriculum include banking, credit scores, consumer protection, higher education, insurance and taxes, investing, payment types, renting vs. owning, and savings.

“Each year, Financial Literacy Month provides a valuable platform to discuss the importance of financial education, but we have an obligation to ensure these principles resonate beyond the month of April,” said Ray Martinez, Co-Founder of EVERFI and President of Financial Education. “For the past ten years, EVERFI has worked with teachers and students to bring these lessons to life harnessing the power of technology. Whether it’s saving for the future or financing a student loan, we are committed to working with the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office to prioritize financial wellness.”

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SOURCE: News release from the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State

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