Raised Pavement Marker Installation Planned for Various Roadways in Northeast Indiana

NORTHEAST INDIANA – The Indiana Department of Transportation announces that the refurbishment of raised pavement markers is scheduled to begin on or after Tuesday, May 2, depending upon weather.

Drivers should watch for daytime lane restrictions, stopped traffic and flaggers in the work zone. Contractors will be using buggies that sit low on the road to efficiently remove and install raised pavement markers. INDOT reminds drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead and use caution when driving through these work zones.

The refurbishment contract was awarded to K&S Markers for $437,000. Work on all locations is expected to be completed by early July. Work will take place in:

Multiple counties

  • S.R. 3 between U.S. 6 and 9 miles north of I-69 in Allen, DeKalb and Noble counties
  • S.R. 18 between I-69 and S.R. 3 in Grant and Blackford counties
  • S.R. 13 between S.R. 18 and the Wabash River bridge in Grant and Wabash counties
  • S.R. 13 between U.S. 24 to U.S. 30 in Wabash and Kosciusko counties
  • S.R. 114 between S.R. 14 and S.R. 9 in Fulton, Wabash and Whitley counties
  • S.R. 124 between S.R. 19 and S.R. 105 in Miami, Wabash and Huntington counties
  • S.R. 14 between S.R. 9 and S.R. 19 in Fulton, Kosciusko and Whitley counties
  • S.R. 1 between S.R. 116 north junction and I-469 in Allen and Wells counties
  • S.R. 8 between S.R. 3 and C.R. 35 in Noble and DeKalb counties
  • S.R. 19 between just south of S.R. 14 to S.R. 25 in Fulton and Kosciusko counties
  • I-69 between S.R. 26 and .49 miles south of U.S. 224 in Grant and Huntington counties (may include overnight work)
  • I-69 from .94 miles south of C.R. 11A to the Michigan State Line in DeKalb and Steuben counties (may include overnight work)

Adams County

  • U.S. 27 from 1 mile south of S.R. 124 to 2.53 miles north of the U.S. 224 north junction

Allen County

  • S.R. 930 between the Washington Street cloverleaf and I-469
  • I-469 between the I-69 south junction and the I-69 north junction (may include overnight work)
  • S.R. 1 between I-69 and 1.96 miles east of I-69
  • S.R. 37 between I-469 and the Ohio State Line
  • U.S. 24 between I-469 and the Ohio State Line
  • U.S. 30 between I-469 and the Ohio State Line

Grant County

  • S.R. 37 between S.R. 26 and S.R. 9 in Grant County

Huntington County

  • S.R. 5 between U.S. 24 and U.S. 30
  • S.R. 5 between S.R. 218 and U.S. 224
  • S.R. 124 between S.R. 5 and S.R. 9
  • S.R. 218 between S.R. 9 and S.R. 3
  • U.S. 224 between S.R. 5 south junction and .3 miles west of I-69

Miami County

  • S.R. 18 between U.S. 31 and S.R. 19
  • S.R. 19 between U.S. 31 and Strawton Pike

Noble County

  • U.S. 6 from .08 miles east of S.R. 3 east junction to the eastern limits of the City of Kendallville

Steuben County

  • U.S. 20 between the Lagrange/Steuben county line to Martha Street, east of S.R. 127

Whitley County

  • S.R. 205 between S.R. 5 and S.R. 9

View this project in INDOT’s online travel system at indot.carsprogram.org.

SOURCE: News release from INDOT

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