Akron Elementary collects $2,589 for Riley Children’s Foundation

AKRON, IN – Students at Akron Elementary had a successful campaign for two weeks in March to raise money for the Riley Children’s Foundation.

“Our goal was to collect $2,000, which we exceeded by $589.55,” said Ryan Adams, Akron Elementary student council advisor.

Beginning March 13 through March 24, students took part in several activities to raise money. The school held special days in which staff and students could donate money to wear hats or sunglasses, or use electronic devices for a certain amount of time in class.

A large portion of the fundraising total came from a penny drive. Students brought in money to vote on the teacher they wanted to see get hit in the face with a pie at the end of the campaign. Pennies were counted as one vote, but other coins and bills took votes away to make it more competitive.

Students threw pies in the faces of teachers and the principal during a convocation on March 29. The whole school also got to celebrate with a pajama day and a movie for meeting the fundraising goal.

SOURCE: News release from Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation