Ivy Tech summer sessions offer opportunities for ‘guest students’

KOKOMO, Ind. — Summer for many college students may mean coming back home for a couple of months for jobs and maybe relaxing, but it still can be a time to make progress on those higher education goals as a guest student at Ivy Tech Community College. Summer sessions at Ivy Tech can offer the opportunity to pick up a class you need and put you one step closer to graduation.

Registration for summer sessions at Ivy Tech opened Monday, March 20. Ivy Tech offers eight-week courses that begin June 5 and end July 29.

“Taking a class as a ‘guest student’ at Ivy Tech is the smart choice when you want to save time and money,” said Fran Hardin, director of Ivy Tech’s Express Enrollment Center on the Kokomo Campus. “In addition to classes that meet at the campuses and instructional sites, we also have many online classes that may fit your schedule better.”

Summer classes at Ivy Tech can be a great way to complete pre-requisites and electives, Hardin said. “What’s great about being a guest student is the ability to take classes with your friends, even if you go to different universities,” she continued. “You can encourage friends to enroll as guest students too – and share in your success.”

Ivy Tech’s tuition is the most affordable in the state, she noted, adding many Ivy Tech credits can easily transfer to the student’s home college or university. Advisors at the home school can help make sure what courses will transfer.

For more information on guest student opportunities at Ivy Tech this summer, call the Kokomo Campus at 765-459-0561 and the Logansport Campus at (574) 753-5101 or check out The Express Enrollment Center and Student Affairs office on the Kokomo Campus and the Student Affairs office at the Logansport Campus are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays. Prospective students may go through the admission process at any Ivy Tech site regardless of where they plan to attend classes.

SOURCE: News release from Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region